image of pool designed in winter

When most people think about adding a swimming pool to their yard, it’s the heat of summer and you just can’t get a pool in fast enough. However, did you know the winter is a great time to think about installing your pool? If you’ve been dreaming about adding a pool to your yard, learn why you shouldn’t wait until summer to transform your yard into a relaxing oasis you can enjoy throughout the summer months.

More for Your Money

During the winter months, swimming pool companies are often looking for customers because few people think about pools at this time. That’s why you’re likely to find better discounts and deals at this time of year. You may get extra features included for the same price or even offers like a pre-paid Visa card you can use to pay for other things.

Faster Approval Times

Any addition you make to your home requires the proper permits to get started on the work, including installing a swimming pool. During the warmer months of the year, more people are making home improvements, which often leads to long wait times when you apply for the necessary permits. Because many construction and improvement projects dramatically slow down during the winter months, you’ll get approval for your permits much faster so there’s less waiting time before the construction begins.

A Faster Overall Process

Swimming pool contractors are notoriously less busy during the winter months because most people are focused on staying warm and have left the thought of the hot summer months behind them. This means you’ll be able to get your pool installed on a much faster time frame than if you were to wait until the weather warms up again. You can choose exactly when your installers work and ensure you have a functional pool as soon as you want to use it in the following season.

You’re Ready to Go When Summer Hits

Waiting until summer or even spring to install your dream swimming pool means you will only get to use it for part of the season. However, when you work with swimming pool contractors during the winter months, you can rest assured your pool will be ready to use as soon as the temperatures rise. While your neighbors are just getting started on their projects, you’ll be relaxing by your pool with a cool drink in your hand.

Don’t let the winter keep you from installing your dream pool. It’s the perfect time to talk to a swimming pool contractor to ensure you have a comfortable oasis in your own backyard to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.