building pool in the fall season

When the temperatures begin to fall, it’s important to make some adjustments for how you care for your pool. If you look after your pool during the fall and winter months, it’s going to reduce the work you have to do in the spring to get things back up and running again. Some tips to use for your off-season swimming pool care can be found here. 

Pools are most often used during summer (sometimes exclusively so), but did you know that summer is actually a terrible time to build your pool?

Think about it. The summer months are the hottest of the year, making any outdoor work difficult. Spring may therefore seem like an ideal choice, but guess again. Spring is often filled with sudden thunderstorms and rain, not to mention all the pollen and flower buds filling the air and getting in the way of clean construction. Furthermore, pool construction often takes longer than expected, leaving you quite literally high and dry when summer arrives. 

Instead, the best time of year to build is actually fall. There are a lot of reasons for this, but we’ve narrowed down some of the top ones why you should consider installing your pool during this season:

It’ll Be Ready Right When Summer Starts

Many people don’t realize just how long it can take to install a pool. Especially if it is set in the ground rather than above it, pools can take months to build. The type of terrain you have (and what barriers, like large rocks, might be in the way) also plays a big role.

It’s very common for unexpected obstacles to arise, and it’s also all too typical for homeowners to have some unrealistic expectations to begin with. When you get a pool installed, you want it done carefully and professionally done to make sure it is safe and lasts as long as possible. The entire process can months, and it you try to get it done during warmer seasons, ideal swimming weather may be long gone by the time everything is finished. 

You’ll Have More Time to Focus on Landscaping

Installing a pool often comes with revamping your entire backyard. After all, installing a pool can cause some significant damage to the surrounding lawn, which you’ll want to give time to recover. Likewise, you may want to seize this time to put in a new patio, deck area or other enjoyable landscaping features to go with your new pool. By starting construction in the fall, you’re allowing plenty of time until summer to get it all done. 

There’s Less Construction Competition

Here’s the thing– pool construction crews are most busy in the spring and summer (again, many people don’t realize that the best time to install their pool is in the fall). It’s very common to have to wait to start the pool installation as a result, resulting in significant opening delays. Due to demand, some construction crews might even put you on a wait list without any firm start date. 

But when it comes to scheduling pool installation during the fall season, there’s not much of a wait list at all, if any. You can schedule the installation at your convenience and not have to worry about your construction crew being distracted with a plethora of other jobs. 

Your Neighbors Are Less Likely to Be Bothered

Your neighbors won’t be spending as much time outdoors during the fall as they did during the summer, and so they’re less likely to be bothered by any construction noise. It’s also worth point out that children are back in school during the fall, whereas they may be home all day in the summer months.

You Can Save Money

Because construction crews are facing less demand during fall and often do not have the same kind of time constraints as warmer months, you can often get a better deal on the work. After all, you won’t have to compete among other homeowners, and you can also expect to job to not last as long. Likewise, the crew won’t be working under intense heat and have to take frequent breaks. This doesn’t mean the job won’t be done just as well — it just means that the job will be done more efficiently. 

You Can Space Out Expenses

Thanks to the extra time between fall and the following summer, you are allotted more leeway when it comes to your backyard construction expenses. Many people choose to space out the costs of the pool and surrounding landscaping and / or deck area in order to avoid spending all their money at once. The extra time can also give you more opportunity to save up the money you need. And when planned out correctly, the entire job can still be finished by summer!

On that note, it’s also worthwhile considering tax season. While, no, you can’t usually get a tax break on your pool construction, starting in fall often means being finished (or close to) come tax season. This means you’ll be able to get your tax return soon after spending money on construction, helping to keep your bank account level. 

Interested in learning more about having your pool installed during the fall season? The pool pros at Crystal Falls are here to answer all your questions! Give us a call, or come drop by our Scottsdale showroom when you’re ready. We’re ready to make your pool dreams a reality.