image of pool remodel

There are plenty of reasons to remodel your pool. Your pool is like a centerpiece of your home.You and your friends and family love to sit around it and just enjoy the day. Perhaps, you just want to step it up a bit. Maybe you found a hot tub that you’d like to add as an addition or maybe you just saw some new trendy looking pool tiles.

Change the Pool Look with a New Pool Finish

A new pool finish can greatly change the appearance of your pool with a new look.there are plenty of pool finishes with bright colors to add a punch to the pool’s appearance. New pool tiles with a new design can also give you a pool a new look. You’ll be able to choose a variety of patterns for a modern look. You can also consider tinting the pool tiles with a new color or plaster for more texture. A new pool liner can revamp the look of your pool. All of these changes can add more personality and depth to the appearance of your swimming pool.

Add New Pool Features

The choice in new pool features is just about endless. Deck jets, water fountains and fountain bubbles are just a few of the features that you can add to your swimming pool. And with a new hot tub, everyone will get a great massage. Fiber optic lights or LED lights will add a glamorous mood to your swimming pool, or turn your swimming pool into a water park with a new fun slide. Water slides are fun for everyone no matter what your age.

Improved Safety

You may want to improve the safety of your swimming pool with a few new changes. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. Opt for a new fence or a new pool liner for safety. You can also look around for new equipment to ensure that nothing gets sucked into the pool’s drain. Safety is an important reason why you may want to update your swimming pool.

Save on Money

If you want to save some money, consider investing in a new more energy efficient pool pump. The newer more efficient ones can save you up to 35% in utility bills, or save on your energy bills with a newer pool liner. This will prevent the warmth of the water from evaporating in the pool. Either way, you’ll be keeping more dollars in your wallet.