The hotter months are finally here! Is your pool ready? How can you even tell?

Let the experts at Crystal Falls Pools be your guides this season when it comes to making sure your pool is opened properly. By taking the time now to do things the right way, you will save yourself a lot of additional work and potential costs down the line. After all, your pool should be for relaxation and fun— not headaches!

Here are several crucial pool opening mistakes you cannot ignore:

Not Cleaning Your Pool Cover

It’s just the cover, so why bother cleaning it, right? Wrong! Even if it doesn’t have a bunch of leaves on it or other visible debris, your pool’s cover sits for long periods of time gathering dirt, sand, dust and many other things you just don’t want in your pool. Period.

Now, the key to cleaning your cover and keeping your pool clean is to clean the thing off before you actually remove it. Use a hose to spray it down and rinse off any dirt and debris. After that, remove it very carefully and give it a more thorough cleaning up close.

Not Checking Your Pool Filter

Many pool owners make the mistake of just going straight to open up and turn on their pools without checking the filter first. However, this is actually one of the most important things you should do prior to opening it for the season. A pool filter that is either too dirty, clogged or otherwise not working properly can have a negative effect on your pool’s pressure system and result in poor water circulation. So not only will your pool water become dirty and unsafe from regular dirt and debris, but algae and bacteria will grow at faster rates due to poor circulation and water flow.

Check your pool filter carefully and clean out any debris prior to switching it on. Monitor it and make sure it works properly for at least a day in order to determine whether or not you need to replace any parts or do any maintenance.

Not Checking the pH Levels (Or Ignoring Them)

It’s always important to check the pH balance of your pool, and this is especially true when you are first opening it after a period of unuse. Low pH levels can actually result in the pool water becoming acidic, which will strip the skin and hair of their natural protective oils (leading to dry and flaky skin). As if that weren’t reason enough to make sure the pH levels are balanced, low levels for too long can result in damage to the pool structure itself, not to mention damage to the filter and other components.

Not Adding Enough Chlorine

Some people are intimidated by chlorine because it is a chemical, but the truth is that it’s safe when used correctly and is one of the best ways to keep your pool clean for human use. Without it, your pool is prone to algae growth and unpleasant bacteria. If your pool water is starting to look green, you definitely need to add more chlorine!

Not Shocking the Pool

If you’ve never “shocked” your pool, this is something you definitely should be doing when you first open it so you can get off to a fresh, clean start! You should shock it with chorine or a non-chlorinated chemical treatment within a few days of removing the pool cover, preferably when the sun goes down to prevent UV rays from affecting the chemical effectiveness. Give it a couple days before swimming in it again, and always check the chemical levels before you officially reopen the pool.

Not Vacuuming Regularly

Most pool owners know that they should definitely vacuum their pool when they first open it after a long period of time, but many people make the mistake of not keeping up with this later on. But just like your shower, tub and sinks need regular cleaning to prevent dirt and grime  from building up, your pool needs regular upkeep. Vacuuming your pool on a regular basis will also help keep the water circulating properly and maintaining its quality.

Not Paying Attention to Ladders and Steps

Your pool ladder and / or steps can build up with grime and bacteria rather easily if they are neglected. Be sure to clean and brush them both when you first open it as well as regularly after that.

Not Seeking Additional Help!

Have any questions? The experts at Crystal Falls Pools are here to help! We have experience with a wide variety of pools, and we are happy to answer all of your questions about opening and cleaning.

Sometimes, enlisting the help of a professional is the best way to ensure that your pool is cleaned and opened properly. Our professionals are available to monitor and balance out your pool pH levels, add in the right amount of chlorine and more! Just give us a call or come stop by our Scottsdale location during business hours.