picture of pool after monsoon

The heavy storms and monsoons that are common to the Phoenix area are upon us, and that means a little extra work to keep your pool functioning properly. A pool that doesn’t function properly is a dirty pool that can lead to a bunch of slime to clean up, and possibly, illness. You might be groaning about the extra work involved in keeping a pool maintained during the monsoon season, but you don’t have to do the extra work yourself. Our professionals will come out to clean your pool and check for anything that needs repairing. While you are waiting for our professionals to arrive for their next scheduled visit, you can do some some things yourself.

Cover the Pool

If you don’t have a safety cover, it is a good idea to invest in one. If you do, cover the pool before the monsoon winds hit. Keeping the pool covered during a storm helps keep the monsoon maintenance to a minimum. You can also use the cover to keep neighbors out while you are on vacation – even with a fence around the pool, it’s very tempting for someone to hop a fence to enjoy a cool day in your pool when they know you are not home.

Yard Maintenance

Before the storm, check your yard for debris that could blow into the pool. You will probably be out there anyway to pick up lawn furniture and move trashcans into a sheltered place. Pick up any sticks and other debris that is in the yard while you are securing your furniture and trashcans.

At the same time, check your landscape to see if any trees and bushes need to be trimmed. If so, trim them to minimize the chances of those branches breaking and blowing or falling into your pool.

Continue Running Your Pool’s System

When you continue running your pool’s system, you continue cleaning out and dust and dirt that got into your pool. You might have to check your filters more often during this time. If you know how to backwash them, give them a good cleaning – the system will filter out the dirt and dust even faster. If you are not sure how to backwash the filters, don’t worry about it. We can show you how to do this when we come out.

Empty the Baskets Frequently

You’ll probably have to empty the baskets more frequently. Check them at least daily. If they look like they are overfull, then check them twice a day. Keeping them clean will help keep the other filters cleaner.

Check the Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool cleaner, check it every day. If it stops moving, you should check to see if it has leaves, twigs or other debris stuck in it. Removing them should get the pool cleaner moving again.