Our homes should be a sanctuary, a place where we can truly relax and escape from the day-to-day stresses of work and other responsibilities. Perhaps this is why you’ve installed a pool (or are looking to install one) in the first place. But if you don’t feel truly relaxed just yet or find yourself looking around your pool and backyard area feeling like you’re not finished just yet, fear not. There are various ways you can transform the area into a total paradise.

Those of us at Crystal Falls Pools in Scottsdale do not just work to get homeowners in the Phoenix area the pools of their dreams– we also consult with customers about how to achieve total tranquility both in the pool area and beyond. Here are some ideas you can use (or take as inspiration) to turn your whole backyard into a paradise free from stress:

Customize Your Lights

Having great lighting means expanding your time outdoors to well past sunset. Energy efficient LED lights are usually a great option (they come in a wide variety of brightness settings and colors), and they can be installed on different tracks both in and out of your pool. Best of all, you can customize how much lighting you want and where you want it, depending on where exactly your festivities take you. Modern technology also allows us to add hardware installments that connect your light controls to your smartphone, tablet or computer, meaning you can control your outdoor light settings right at your fingertips.

Add Convenience and Fun to Outdoor Dining

If you’re one who likes to entertain, what’s a great backyard anyway without food and drinks? Consider an outdoor bar area or even an outdoor stove or oven. After all, there’s nothing worse than enjoying your time outdoors and then having to interrupt it all by moving inside to the kitchen. This will enhance your entertainment options and add a classier look to your patio area. Your guests will marvel at your ability to cook great food and make refreshing drinks without having to relocate indoors.

Keep Things Comfy

Nice landscaping and a great pool is always nice, but we know that there will be a lot of times when you just want to sit back and relax more than anything else. Perhaps you also want to entertain multiple guests at once, and you’ll need places for everyone to sit! Whatever your specific reasons, it’s important to select some quality, comfortable furniture that still fits in with your aesthetic. We actually have a wide range of luxury outdoor furniture to choose from at Crystal Falls Pools (check it out here), from chairs to tables, outdoor couches and beyond. After all, if you can’t sit back and put your feet up, is it truly paradise?

Don’t Forget the Shade!

This is Arizona, and we all know exactly how hot it gets here. While we love the desert atmosphere and the bright sunny days, we all find ourselves wishing sometimes that the heat was just a little more tolerable! So when it comes to constructing your backyard paradise, don’t neglect to add in some much-needed shade! You can opt for simple umbrellas or even full shade covers that can retract for days when you are feeling like getting some sun. Some people even install sail shades, allowing them to shield their pool from getting direct sun if things are getting a bit too hot. Getting the right shade covers just adds to your ability to customize your backyard paradise for however you’re feeling on any given day.

Consider a Hot Tub

You’ve got the pool– why not complete it with a hot tub? Hot tubs are actually more versatile than many people think, as they can be installed either above or below ground and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to mesh perfectly with your existing backyard design. While you’re at it, why not make it a smart hot tub? Just like with your pool, you can set things up so that all of your desired hot tub settings are remote control based, saving you from having to manually fix things every time you use it. And since there’s nothing worse than getting all relaxed only to have to drag a heavy, awkward cover back on the tub after you use it, adding in an automatic hot tub cover is also a great way to ensure that the area stays as stress-free as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about getting a hot tub or pool, or you would simply like to discuss different ways you can enhance your backyard, please free to reach out to us at Crystal Falls Pools. Our experts are here to help you relax and finally achieve the home paradise of your dreams.