There’s nothing like a swimming pool to instantly enhance any back yard, but not just any design will do. Swimming pools are very much not a “one size fits all” deal, and what fits one person’s yard might not be suitable for another’s. Your pool should fit in with your desired backyard environment and should be an expression of your personal tastes and interests. The right design will also add instant value to any property. The experts at Crystal Falls Pools are ready to help you find the perfect pool, but in the meantime here are some different shapes to consider:

Rectangle Shape

This is the perfect pool shape for lap swimmers and fans of water activities like volleyball. Dimensions can vary greatly, and although they may require more maintenance than many other shapes, rectangular pools deliver a serene elegance when done correctly. Some people choose rectangle pools that are the same depth throughout while others prefer to have a gradual transition from shallow to deep (a good option for families or those who want to keep at least part of the pool child-friendly).

L Shape

The “L shape” or “Lazy L shape” (with an added middle section) is a classic design that is often seen in community pools, but it can work very well for personal back yards. This type of pool shape is an excellent choice for those who want to have sections of differing depth and/or sections with different purposes. Some examples include a diving tank vs. a lap lane section or shallow area where children can easily play. This shape can come with some challenges come cleaning-time, but the most efficient ways to clean will usually be found after a short period of trial and error.


This is one of the most classic pool shapes of all, and it goes well in the middle of large decks and patios. While not for every backyard (other shapes tend to fit better with most backyard spaces), circular pools can be surprisingly serene and are also more versatile than many people realize. Stairs can be added in as needed, and it is also an ideal shape for a fountain feature. The simple design also makes it ideal for cleaning. Adding in differing depth levels will have to be done carefully, but this can also be achieved if desired.

Kidney / Oblong Shape

The traditional kidney shape pool design rose to widespread popularity in the mid 20th Century and remains a go-to shape for today. This is a highly versatile oblong shape that can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of backyard spaces, patios and other desired or already existing features for the area. The curved spaces can be shaped to provide pleasant nooks that are still balanced with plenty of open space for lap swimming and other activities. It is also fairly easy to add in benches and stairs with these shapes, as well as plan for an (or accommodate an already existing) adjoining hot tub. This pool shape also tends to be more budget-friendly, and the gently curved edges make it easier to keep clean than most.

Classic Roman and Grecian Shape Pools

Did you know that the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks both loved their pools? The styles of pools uncovered on archaeological sites years ago have carried forward into modern pool designs. These pools can vary greatly in size, and they generally follow a rectangular or long oval shape with outside corners that are either indented or jutting out on their own (either way, the pool is not a perfect rectangle or oval because of its unique corners). It is also fairly easy to add in stairs on one end or even an underwater bench. These pools can add instant class and elegance to a back yard, although it should be known that their shape can be somewhat challenging to clean.

Taking the Next Step

Have an idea of a shape you might like and ready to move forward? When you’re ready, contact us at Crystal Falls Pools. Established in 1998, we have helped thousands of customers get the perfect pool for their backyard. We believe that your outdoor space should be your sanctuary from the world, and we’re ready to design and install a pool that fits your budget and ideals.