This summer why not install or redesign your pool to make it eco-friendly? Whether you want something luxurious or practical, the pool professionals at Crystal Falls Pools can guide you through the process. Read on to learn more about the trends in 2019 for eco-friendly swimming pools that actually give back to the environment.

Saltwater Pools

Most homeowners depend on chlorine to keep their pools clean. However, did you know that chlorine has harmful effects on your pool, especially if you don’t handle this chemical properly. Besides harming your pool, chlorine can also harm you pool accessories, swimwear, and cause potential health risks, such as skin and eye irritation, respiratory problems, and can lead to an increased risk of developing asthma and allergies in children. Once the swimming season is over and you drain your pool, the chlorine then becomes toxic to waterways, animals, and aquatic life.

To avoid these adverse effects, you have the option of switching to a saltwater pool. When you opt for a saltwater pool, you no longer need to use chlorine and other harmful chemicals to keep your pool clean. The saline in the saltwater does this for you. Overall, it’s easier to maintain a saltwater pool and much cheaper since the chlorine generator cell needs only be cleaned out once a year. Saltwater is better for you skin, too. When installing a saltwater pool, you can choose any shape and size as you would a freshwater pool.

Ozone Pools

Another way to avoid using chlorine to keep you pool clean is to consider an ozone pool. These pools use sunlight to keep your pool clean. This works by using a different kind of filter that converts oxygen into the ozone known as an ozone sterilization system. Ozone is a powerful compound that sanitizes your pool by killing harmful contaminants and pathogens. This type of pool is completely safe, won’t irritate the skin, or tarnish your pool equipment. Furthermore, there is an absence of any odor, taste, or color with this eco-friendly pool system. When designing this pool, the professionals at Crystal Falls Pools typically enclose the pool in glass or natural landscaping to generate more oxygen into the filter. An ozone pool also cleans your pool much faster than any chemical, meaning you won’t have to sit around and wait before taking a plunge.

Natural Swimming Pools

Would you love to swim in a pool that looks just like a lake or pond? When you install a natural swimming pool, you can! These pools not only create a serene and organic oasis in your backyard, but they require low maintenance as well. The materials used to install this type of pool include gravel and clay, giving it a unique design and a self-regulating ecosystem with aquatic plants that act as a purification system. The plants filtrate oxygen, which provides an all-natural environment. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals like chlorine. Also, the pool will freeze over in the colder months, just like a natural pond, thus eliminating the need for a pool cover. Natural swimming pools are a favorite for those who love to go green. However, you’ll need to be comfortable swimming in an environment that includes aquatic plants and the occasional visitor, such as birds, frogs, and bugs.

Moss-Filtered Pools

Crystal Falls Pools also recommends installing a moss-filtered, eco-friendly pool for 2019. You may not have heard of this type of pool, however, they have been growing in popularity in recent years. The moss used to keep these pools clean, known as Sphagnum moss, is what you find in floral arrangements and in the bogs of New Zealand and Northern Europe. They require more maintenance than a natural pool and may still need some chemicals to keep the swimming water sparkling clean, but they are still considered an eco-friendly type of pool. When it comes to chemicals, like chlorine, you can expect to use at least 40 percent less than you would with a chemical based pool. The use of chlorine for these pools in minimal and is only required to keep free-floating bacteria at bay. Another benefit of moss-filtered pools is that they increase water preservation by 70 percent.

With much focus on the environment in 2019, it makes sense to install one of these eco-friendly pools. Reduce your carbon footprint and actually help the environment with one of these pools. To learn more about the available choices and which one is right for you, contact Crystal Falls Pools today at 480-315-0809.