Are you searching for a way to add a bit of sophistication and value to your home’s swimming pool? If so, then the solution may be to install a beautiful, luxurious waterfall feature. This is a great addition to any swimming pool, as it will allow you to customize the look of your pool, it’s easy to install, and the elegance is unmatched in the pool industry.

If you are thinking about installing a waterfall for your pool, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the different design options, as well as the unique features that are available. Here, you can choose the waterfall that is best for your backyard or property.

The Rainforest Waterfall

As the name implies, a rainforest waterfall will mimic the sound of the rainforest. It offers soothing and tranquil sounds as the water from the waterfall enters into your swimming pool. Most homeowners who choose this waterfall feature arrange it on a stack of stones and rocks where the water is able to enter the pool due to the downward slant. This particular type of waterfall is a great option for pools that mimic the shape of a lagoon due to their customizable features. You can also build the rainforest waterfall in your preferred size so that it fits the scale of your swimming pool proportionally. This type of waterfall looks best when it is installed on the side of your swimming pool.

An Arch Pool Waterfall

If the rainforest waterfall isn’t right for you, then you may prefer the streamlined and elegant arch pool waterfall. This type of waterfall looks and operates best when it comes out of a stone spout, producing a thin stream of water, that is propelled into the swimming pool. This particular type of waterfall is ideal for any pool that has been installed on a hill, as the arch can sweep beautifully into the swimming area. Also, the flow coming out of this type of waterfall is going to narrow as the water gets closer to the surface of the pool. If you want to feel confident that you are getting the right spout, then you can purchase an all-inclusive setup package.

A Water Curtain Waterfall

The water curtain waterfall provides a more sleek and contemporary appearance. It can effectively streamline the aesthetic in your backyard. Put simply, this type of waterfall is one that will enter into your pool straight down from the entrance point, which is how it gets its “curtain” name. Make sure this particular waterfall is placed at the end of the pool to ensure everyone is safe when getting in or out as the waterfall is known to emit a rather significant gush of water.

Waterfall Installation

When you are ready to install a waterfall in your swimming pool, there are two main factors you need to think about:

  • The water pressure
  • The size of the waterfall you want to install

Based on how deep your swimming pool is, you need to know the dimensions of your pool, as well as its area to make sure that the water feature you have selected will have plenty of space. Generally speaking, a waterfall is typically narrow and tall, or it will be low and wide. To illustrate this point, a waterfall that is 40 inches tall is going to be proportional to a pool when it is under 40 inches over the pool itself.

When it comes to water pressure, you need to make sure you purchase the right water pump so that there is a consistent flow of water running through the waterfall feature you have selected. It is easy to figure out what the right flow rate is and requires you to look at the units of size, not the pump’s power. A standard rate will typically range between 130 and 150 gallons an hour for every inch wide of your pool. Your waterfall will look best when it operates at a higher volume of water and with a lower-pressure flow of the same water. Prior to installing a waterfall for your swimming pool, it is a good idea to make a plan and check to see if you need to get any permits.


Make sure you also think about the environment when you are considering what you want the waterfall to sound like. Also, keep in mind that the way that the water actually enters the pool is going to impact the pool’s appearance and the overall sound.

If you are ready to install a waterfall feature on your pool and you want to ensure that it looks and sounds great, then use the tips here. You can also call on the professionals at Crystal Falls Pools for some advice and help with the process.