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Personalized Service

Throughout the years we have learned many valuable lessons. Above and beyond all else, we have learned that every pool or spa has its own unique personality, and because of this, we have developed specific service plans designed to meet the needs of our client’s pools and spas.

Equipment Repairs

Just like other large appliances in your home, your pool equipment is designed to provide you with years of continuous use without failure. But even with regularly scheduled maintenance of your pool or spa’s equipment, it will eventually break down.

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Restoration Services

Did your kids accidently forget to take that penny out of the deep end that they were diving after, and is there now an annoying rust stain on your pool’s surface?

Pool Automation

Here at Crystal Falls, we offer the very best in pool automation to our customers. Automatic control systems open up the door for a whole new way of controlling your backyard. With automatic control of heating, lighting, water features, sprinklers, and more you will be able to sit back and enjoy your backyard paradise.

Salt Systems

Salt chlorination systems are the fastest growing trend in the pool /spa industry. Industry analysts predict that by 2010, 30% percent of all residential pools in the U.S. will have a salt chlorination system installed.

Pool/Spa Filter Maintenance

Like your car, your pool and spa filter requires regularly scheduled maintenance in order to keep it operating normally.

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